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Tumbleweeds -- A Great Cowboy Decoration -- Mother Nature's Decoration of the West.

Tumbleweeds are a perfect cowboy decoration. Use some to decorate your next country party. Feature some in a country store window or even decorate one for Christmas. If you live somewhere without snow you might start a tumbleweed snowman tradition each year. They are such a versatile plant you will love the results.

Our tumbleweeds have been featured coast to coast and made their mark from the Atlantic to the Pacific on movies, commercials, department stores, and parties. Tumbleweeds & Latin Billboard Awards recently featured 12 of our Silver tumbleweeds in their recent productions.

You can also get your own custom tumbleweed that will make the difference in your event or production.

Pick from our tumbleweed sizes with the buttons below and you will be direct to our main site where you can purchase them. Our tumbleweeds are 100% guaranteed. They will look great at your event and your guests will love them too.


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Baby Tumbleweed These tumbleweeds
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Baby Tumbleweeds

Baby Tumbleweed
These tumbleweeds are perfect for anyone that wants to have something fun around to decorate or have as a conversation piece. Get one as a gift for the person that has everything. This small size would be great to buy several tumbleweeds and place them together in a fun bunch.


Size: Baby (Small)
Diameter: 12 inch diameter or smaller*
Type: Natural Tumbleweed
Colors: Natural, Gold, Silver, Custom

Size and thickness may vary with each tumbleweed as they are a natural product.
Note: Baby tumbleweeds are very small and can be thin because they are such a small plant. If you are looking for a fuller rounder tumbleweeds you will want to get at least a large tumbleweed.


Baby Tumbleweeds Details

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Tumbleweeds -- History, Decorations, and Videos

What old western movie, cowboy event would be complete with the symbol of the west. Tumbleweeds have been around since the cowboys came west and they are here to stay. Most people have only seen them in the movies and don't even believe they are real. They are real and Hollywood hasn't made tumbleweeds up. So dazzle your guests with this conversation topic. Give your event some of this history and people will surely talk about the fun tumbleweed centerpieces that you have given them to talk about.

Gigantic Size Shipping Cost Info: This product requires a over-sized box and USPS charges significantly more on shipping for the box size. The product price is a direct result of the recent postal increases.



Awesome Video of a Tumbleweed Whirlwind

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